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I am Jayashree J.N, married to an IAS officer M.N.Vijayakumar of Karnataka Cadre who has served in Karnataka for the last 25 years. My husband is continuously fighting corrupt practices in the system. As there is harassment to my husband for exposing the corrupt practices of the senior officers, and as the harassment is silently watched (or more probably supported) by the head of the bureaucracy, I also decided to take up his causes. My husband has continued his efforts to attack corruption at the root without being afraid of the threats he received and harassment meted out to him.


I thought there is a need to provide a platform for any person wishing to fight corruption at high levels and provide assistance based on the rich experience my husband has in fighting corrupt practices of his senior officers and I am aware of most of them as I have also taken up some of the issues raised by him This site gives details of his continuous struggle against corruption and details of what I am also doing.

This website has the following main objectives:


  • To provide a platform for any person who wishes to fight corruption at higher levels and in particular the root of corruption


  • To provide help to those who have knowledge of corruption but are afraid to take further action. If for any reason, such a person is unwilling to take up the corruption issue, to make arrangements to take up the issues on behalf of such a person.


  • .Create awareness to initiate a movement to demand corruption fee service as a Fundamental Right


  • To bring like minded people to take up corruption at high levels and also proactively join with similar organizations


  • To share the experiences of using the Right to Information Act in fighting corrupt practices at high level and also provide links to similar actions taken up elsewhere in the country and rest of the world


 From the experiences my husband , to achieve the above, there is an immediate need to do the following to help honest officers to work without being intimidated:

  • To hasten the enactment of the Public Services Bill
  • To help to make better provisions for whistle blowers under the Public    Services Bill.
  • To make the Act applicable to even State Government Officials immediately and not to give any discretion to State Governments in this regard.   


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing